In the ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, where creativity and innovation reign supreme, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Julia Lewis, a young marketing professional from Chicago, Il. I am a natural creative armed with a diverse skill set and a passion for shaping digital marketing success.

With a proven track record in account management, creative direction, strategy, content creation, social media management and more, some may call me the jack-of-all-trades. With my experience in the marketing industry I’ve been able to cultivate a deep understanding of the intricacies and nuances of successful digital campaigns.

At the core of my approach lies my unique ability to fuse analytical thinking with boundless creativity. I am armed with a strategic mindset, which allows me to seamlessly merge data-driven insights with captivating storytelling — ensuring that each marketing endeavor I undertake, elicits a powerful response from the target audience.

From crafting compelling brand narratives to spearheading visually stunning creative campaigns, I use my own personal story as motivation to consistently demonstrate my prowess as a versatile and innovative creative professional. I am a first generation college graduate and the grand-daughter of Jamaican immigrant who came to America to provide us with the OPPORTUNITY to have greatest life possible.

My commitment to excellence extends beyond my creative endeavors. I bring a fresh and underrepresented perspective to the table, injecting authenticity and inclusivity into my work. Through creative direction and content creation, I strive to amplify marginalized voices and highlights the importance of diverse representation in the digital landscape through my organization, Black Women In Marketing.

I ensure seamless collaboration with clients, translating their visions into tangible marketing strategies that drive business growth and leave an IMPACT. 

Are you ready to witness the power of my vision?

Hello, I'm